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Career "coaching"?

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Hey all... I have no idea where to post this but I thought it might be vaguely therapy related, and that since many of us struggle with work issues that maybe some of you had some ideas.


Does anyone know what kinds of resources there are for real career coaching or something like that? I'm not even sure what I'm talking about... I suppose some kind of "better" version of a school guidance counselor, ha! Except one that actually knows what they're doing. Does such a thing even exist? And in some form that isn't just a money-sucking scheme? Maybe some therapists help with this but I'm not sure if mine will be able to or not, possibly.



A bit more about my situation for context...


I have a weird career history and feel very stuck. I have a BS in chemistry, was a high school teacher for a while, and once I burnt out/broke down/quit/got fired and finally gave up on teaching, I haven't done much except work in restaurants. Ideally I'd like to get back into science, but it's next to impossible, even with a BS. That's not even very easy for a recent grad, let alone somone who's skills are seriously outdated. I did find a lab specialist program at a community college, but I don't have the time (I'm SAHM in the day, work at night) or money to afford it.


Honestly I'd take any job right now that made more than I make now. A day job that lets me afford day care AND makes anything more than scraping by would be amazing, but even that seems difficult seeing as I'm not qualified for anything. I just desperately need advice (and probably just moral support) on how to move forward.

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I would just google "vocational rehabilitation centers in [name of your state]" or something if you're in the US, and find one near you and call to see about making an appointment. They may be able to help, especially considering the MI aspect. 

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Here we have job centres that are run by the province who employ people like that. My former housemate was one.

The run out of job banks, career centres, and other not-for-profit agencies that care and support people who are more vulnerable in society.

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