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Normal to crash after 1 month on meds?

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I suffer from major depression and panic attacks. My Dr started me on 20mg of celexa 5 weeks ago. I felt quite a bit better and finally had a little bit of hope. Several days ago, I seemed to go back to my severely depressed self overnight and I've remained in this state since. Is it normal for a medicine to just stop working? Could this mean that I just need a higher dose or a completely different medicine? My Dr said I would see the complete effects of the medicine within 6 weeks and I'm almost at that point (only a few days away). I'd love to hear what others have experienced.

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It is very hard to say what exactly it means that you have had this pattern. I have been on meds that seem to be awesome, then turn into disasters, but it is usually over a shorter time period. Also, sometimes you get a placebo effect, because you feel like you taking control of the situation by getting meds, and then that wears off.


Unfortunately, there is no cut and dried answer; you are going to have to call your pdoc for advice.

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