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Hey everyone, so i have been taken off 9mg Invega and placed on 3mg of Invega morning only.


They now have placed me back on a med that has worked well in the past at low doses, Largactil/Thorazine 25mg


It works great and takes away my anger whilst the invega takes away any delusional thinking during the day. The crossover was almost immediate with no hospitalisation needed but i have a few questions


I know Invega has a life of about 23 hours so come my next dose it's pretty much out of my system and come night time dose it's a top up for sleep on a new med


1st - What is the lift/half life of Largactil/Thorazine
2nd - What have you found helpful in the past to get rid of the metalic/bitter taste in your mouth left by some antipsychotics

3rd - Does this combo sound ok to you guys? The Dr thinks it is ok? But i like other opinions


Thankyou all

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I remember when I was still at the hospital I was given a number of pills to take. One of them left the same metalic taste in my mouth like you described. It bothered me a bit and all I did was just drank or ate something to get rid of the foul taste. I don't think there is any medication you can take to get rid of the metalic taste of some antipsychotics.



For me it was juice and cheese sticks they had at the hospital that got me through that metalic tasting phase. Now I'm not taking anything orally.

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