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Can anyone relate to my symptoms?

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My current psychiatrist doesn't give me a clear diagnosis.


These are my symptoms:
My mind feels like it won't shut up, and like it's on speed. Racing, obsessive, intrusive thoughts - and I feel like everyone is looking at me, even if they're not. My vision seems much clearer. I also have a fight or flight response whenever a person walks by me, even if they're a child, girl, or older person. Sometimes I get intrusive homosexual thoughts, even though I'm quite straight, and intrusive aggressive thoughts when I see women/girls. I feel like I'm stuck inside my mind and I can't get out. I feel like I'm all over the place, not grounded. I feel like I'm missing my personality, and like I'm not my normal self. I feel transparent, as though everyone can see and walk right through me. I can't detach myself from people and my surroundings. Everything is too fast, and I feel like I have to do many things at once. I feel like I need constant stimulation, and I can never just relax, or relax my mind. I almost feel like people can read my thoughts, and like I have to hide them. I also always have the TV on while I'm on the internet, even if I'm not watching it. I'm also doing things very quickly and switching between tasks very quickly. I find myself engaged in activities that I normally wouldn't, were I in a 'normal' state. Also my thought patterns and emotions are quite distorted. I wake up and go to sleep in this abnormal state. Even when I'm alone, nothing changes. I also feel aggressive, and have almost gotten into trouble/possible fights, due to looking at people wildly in the eye. I manage to control myself though, but I seem to sometimes provoke others, and am provoked myself by every little thing (very irritable).
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Hi there, dreamedm.


Welcome to CB.


I have locked this thread because you already have one thread that is the same happening in the bipolar section. We don't allow "cross posting" this way because we've found over time that things get really confused really fast if there are two threads about the same thing in different sections of the board.


If you'd prefer the anxiety thread to be open, please send me a PM and I will move the BP thread over here.


Kind regards,


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