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Schizotypal, asocial, and stuff

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I am a somewhat young person, but long sufferer of mental illness.


Quick summary of progression of illness:


-Generalized anxiety disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder in childhood

-Add to that major depression and isolation as a teen

-Now diagnosed with schizotypal personality disorder



-Thoughts that do not feel like my own. Lots of chatter or conversations in my head that feels like not mine, usually about trivial and unimportant things.  Occasionally the thoughts (voices, or whatever) follow what I am doing, comment on my actions, or criticize me.

-Occasional hallucinations of music, murmuring, bugs in the corners of my vision, lights around things, shadows.

-Apathy and depression

-Anxiety, especially regarding health and social interaction

-Bodily illusions


-Insomnia, sleep times change often


Medications and supplements:

Seroquel 25 mg

Gabapentin 1500 mg

Clonazepam 1-3 mg

multivitamin, magnesium, and fish oil (suggested by a pdoc)

Other things as needed, but intolerant to alcohol


I am relatively stable right now, but without job. Stress is a big trigger for increasing the severity of my symptoms. Gotta find some way to make life work still.


I hope to meet other people that are like myself here, despite my tendency toward isolation.  I don't understand these conflicting desires yet, but that is ok for me right now.


Good to see your guys' posts.

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Hello & welcome.


I'm glad you found us.


I understand a lot of what you speak of; especially the conflicting thoughts & feelings about being asocial & needing social interaction. I think you will find that  a lot of other people have some sort of understanding as well.


I like your name too. I believe in questioning everything, especially when it directly affects me.

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Welcome to CB! 


We ask all our new members to read the User Agreement. If you already have, great! You'll know all about the nipple clamps! ;)


I'm glad you found us! Hope to see you around the boards and I hope you stick around!

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