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Child gets suspended for playing pretend


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That article has a decidedly right wing bent to it (blaming liberals for the decline of the USA's education system while citing an article for that point that says nothing about liberals, just documents the decline) and I'd be interested to hear the school's side of it. For example, what actually happened? This article makes it sound like the boys were playing, then were tattled on, then BOOM suspension. Most schools don't work that way. I'd be interested to know the context of their play as well as exactly what happened from the moment they were stopped up until the suspension.

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I googled, "boy suspended for pretend bow and arrow," and the articles have said the same thing as the article in the link above.


"was suspended in October for gesturing with an imaginary bow and arrow using his No. 2 pencil ... He pretended to shoot his friend with the pencil after the other boy pretended to shoot him with a gun.  Both boys were suspended for breaking the school district’s zero-tolerance policy against weapons, which deals with any type of weapon capable of inflicting serious bodily injury"

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