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Depression, BiPolarity, 12 Months of different Meds, Making me Crazy

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I don't think there's anything wrong with getting a second opinion from another pdoc.  He or she may be able to see something that your current pdoc doesn't or know of some better meds to try.


Be sure to take the list of meds you've tried and what the results were.  I was on the med-go-round for a LONG time before I found a combo that worked for me.  


You didn't outline what makes you think you're bipolar.  You mentioned having highs.  What are those like?


I wish you the best of luck at your appt today.

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well I guess that's my question.  is it depression or bi-polarity.


I have my normal days... then I have days where life is great, I recognize the beauty in everything, nothing bothers me... I mean if I could freeze those days and put them on repeat I would.    Then I have days where it's non stop negative thoughts that I can't combat, there's like this hand that's inside my chest and it's just PULLING everything down.  I wake up, struggle my way through work doing my best to focus on nothing but work, and then I go home.  I have to do things to keep my mind from over analyzing.. like stress cleaning.  video gaming, being around people, things like that don't help nor do I want to do them.   all I want to do is sit on the couch and feel sorry for myself and it's INCREDIBLY hard to break the cycle.  it's like I'm under some serious hynosis.  It can only be described as chemical.   It's like I ate the wrong thing and my blood sugar dropped violently low and I have no control over my thoughts.     (Hopefully that doesnt sound weird lol)

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I don't know whether you have depression or bipolar, and we don't diagnose here. However, I can say that with major depression, you still can have good days. My own personal definition of depression is when the bad days outnumber the good ones. But I think that it's a good idea for you to get a second opinion.


I have treatment-resistant major depression. No single med treats all of my symptoms, and that is why I'm on the cocktail that I'm on. It may be that you need a cocktail of meds when you fail on individual meds (monotherapy).

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That is a bunch of meds, no question. Were you medicated before that? Unfortunately, I don't get the impression that your pdoc is throwing darts based on the number of meds he's tried, or which ones. Every pdoc has meds they like, and try first. It sucks to go through all the changes, but there are so many medications left for you to try, I don't feel comfortable agreeing with the idea that maybe your pdoc is incompetent.


Having said that, you are always entitled to a second opinion. And some pdocs can take a look at a list of meds that haven't worked, and based on that, have a pretty good idea of what their next step would be. My dad was good at choosing meds that worked based on the side effects of meds that didn't work. But I think that is where the "art" of psychiatry part kicks in, and not every pdoc in an artist.


When you say you have highs, so far what I hear is you are having good days, or good sequences of days. But you haven't listed any specific symptoms.


Are you sleeping less? Eating habits changed? Spending too much? Pressured speech or flight of ideas? Impatiently waiting for people you are talking to to finish what they are saying, because you are so anxious to blurt out your next thought? Irritable? Cleaning like a maniac (I asked my pdoc if that was a common symptom, and he laughed and laughed. Yes, it is). Starting new hobbies or projects? That is the kind of thing pdocs are looking for. There are other symptoms, but that is a bunch I have, and see people here have, often.

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I'm sleeping a lot more. My weight has spiked. Impulse buys? Kinda actually. I'm trying hard not to shop but it does get me out of the house even if to window shop. I'm not irritable. I'm overly analytical. I think waaaaaayy to much about my past. I just want this to go away. He put me on Pristiq. Let's see how this goes.

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