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when I speak I constantly rhyme words I say in my head - theres a part of me that knows it's abnormal to do it outlloud so It takes over my head.  it's pretty much constant and now it's starting to when I listen to other people talk I rhyme in my head  what they are saying too



argh it's sooo annoying


anyone else do this

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i do this and not just keeping it in my head iit's worse with stress distress which is why it sucks when it's all exacerbated

but i think i still have a grip in a lot of ways and so i can go through and try to remove it in posts mostly

it's harder in chat and hardest in speech it's easier when more stable on medication that's working


that link of para...yeah...i have it as part of having formal thought disorder which fucking sucks

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My mind likes to auto-rhyme words in my head too. Though I thought clang was when you speak with rhymes that don't make a whole lot of sense or where other non rhyming words would fit better? I'll probably ask my Pdoc on Thursday about it if I remember.

On a brighter note, it is a very useful quirk if you are writing a song or poem.

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