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this is so distressing vexing to hear how viewed and disparaged when things go wrong (mandela interpreter thing reference)

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a friend shared this with me the story and this link which yes of course the ways and such of the guardian=inflated conflated rubbish and rude but that doesn't change the fact from this being a perception that i find demoralizing personally and not unpopular but common sadly: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/dec/16/fake-mandela-memorial-interpreter-schizophrenia-signing

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this is the one link there in it: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/dec/12/mandela-memorial-interpreter-history-violent-behaviour


this part kills me:



South Africa's leading deaf association denounced Jantjie as a fake, saying he was inventing signs, and described the episode as an insult to deaf people and Mandela himself.



like both disabled but one dismissing other's



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From the article: "There were, of course, security concerns: how was it possible, with all the control measures, for such a person to be in close proximity to world leaders"


God forbid that "such a person" be allowed to be in close proximity to world leaders.




Wow ... "Now we can see why Jantjie's gesticulations generated such an uncanny effect once it became clear that they were meaningless: what he confronted us with was the truth about sign language translations for the deaf – it doesn't really matter if there are any deaf people among the public who need the translation; the translator is there to make us, who do not understand sign language, feel good."



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I actually found my self silently nodding with the editorial but I can understand why it has the response that it has here. No the signer  was not a fake and the lack of solidarity between people with disabilities is disturbing.


thank you for especially that last sentence parts. i know we don't always see eye to eye try but i have always appreciated how you do try to see the perspective invective of where i'm coming from and to understand my situation. cheers, my friend x

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Wow. I didn't know much about this until now (I don't read the news or watch TV at all) but I think people are having a pretty unfair reaction to him. It kind of offended me when they said he might be signing to aliens. Sorry I can't say anything more intelligent, my meds are making me kinda dumb. 

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