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I've been feeling very tired for the past few days, after starting Seroquel IR 100 mg (generic), taken at night. My father is always very tired and has been this way for a few years, and this bothers me because he shouldn't feel like that all the time, and I went to lunch with him a few days ago and I noticed how exhausted he was, and then I felt very tired, and the tiredness has not gone away. This started a few days ago. I don't know what's causing it- being around my father (I live with him) and seeing how exhausted he is all the time and feeling bad because of it, or if it could be the Seroquel IR 100 mg generic, or the Zoloft 50 mg, or something else. I feel like I'm in a tired fog all day.


Has anyone else experienced severe fatigue and tiredness on Seroquel IR 100 mg during the daytime? I know it's supposed to put me to sleep at night after I take it, but lately I've been tired also during the entire day.


Thank You,



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I've been taking 100 mgs of Seroquel going on two years about now. In the beginning, "fatigued" doesn't even begin to describe how I felt. Following my first dose, I slept for a good twenty four hours - which, given I was suicidal at the time, wasn't necessarily a bad thing - I felt heavily sedated for hours thereafter. I've experimented with taking it at different times in differing dosages - I've settled on 25 mgs in the morning and afternoon, and then the remaining 50 at bedtime. It's taken quite a while, but the sedative effect has decreased over time. Based on my experience, when taken with a benzo, the sedative effect ramps up dramatically. I take it to increase the efficacy of my AD - it has its drawbacks - somnolence being one of them - but it has pretty much saved my life.

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Yes, my psychiatric Nurse Practitioner told me I would be tired for the first few weeks but it would wear off; I've been taking the IR version for about 1.5 weeks now, and I'm still very, very tired during the day. I'm still waiting for the my body to get more used to it and for the extreme fatigue and tiredness I feel during the day to dissipate. But now, I feel like I just want to sleep all the time!


I'm glad to hear it has helped you!

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