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I'm here, I'm Queer, and I am also mentally not well!

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I came across this site by trying to look up how seroquel works with prozac the other week. After reading through some of the discussions I kind of, yknow, felt like I'd kind of fit in here a little bit if I needed somewhere to be in. 


This past year has been hell. My grandmother, who raised me, passed away from cancer. I stopped going to university- a prestigious art school where i was one of only 120 accepted- due to being in bed crippled by grief and depression. It was not my first depressive episode, but the first one where my mother made me see the doctor after discovering me in an alcoholic stupor in my flat at 10:30 on a Tuesday morning. I was given prozac and as I fought through the side effects I lost my sources of income and became homeless. I stayed with friends and then I started to hallucinate. Again not the first time but everything started to spiral into confusion and darkness and just. Empty bleak sadness and anger and self hatred. Voices. I'm now diagnosed with something but I haven't asked what. I'm under the care of mental health for my area and have been in respite care and am now currently staying with my mother. I'm in a shitty caravan in the middle of fucking paddock. A part of me would rather be on the streets than back here with my family. I alternate between being okay with things and totally not. My partner is taking a break from our relationship because they feel like they can't rely on me. 


Anyways. Thats the briefest overview of how I've gotten to be on this site. I'm young and vibrant and genderqueer and I love everybody. I am also stuck in a dark place for a good part of everyday, trying to reach for a star in the inky black of space where my vibrancy once resided. 


To be honest, I really hope that I can maybe find out about some of you guys and your lives and how you cope with everything. It's all a universal struggle of the human condition. 

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Welcome!  I'm glad you found us and I hope we can help you to crawl out of the pit.  I'm very sorry you lost your grandmother.


I always read all of the introductions because I like to "meet" our new members.  However, you could help this old gal by using a slightly larger font when you write to us.  There are many of us over 45 and using reading glasses.  This isn't a criticism---I just have a lot of trouble with tiny print.


I hope you like it here.



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