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At behest of American Christian groups, Ugandan parliament passes law making gay a life-in-prison offense.

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American "Christian" groups are the fucking worst, I swear. What doesn't work here, they send "missionaries" off to lesser developed countries to do.


I read a really interesting piece on early missionaries, from discovery of new lands times. EVEN THEN, it was about the white man keeping control. It was a series of letters from the parish to the missionaries, directing the missionaries on how to teach about God in such a way as to make the native people feel lesser than and more likely to submit to slavery. It was so sad and infuriating.

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thats horrible

religeon when its good recognises the devine in others,and respects freewill as what makes humans closer to god,and has the power to heal and create sense of community through the church,

but its dark side is truly horrifying

it seems these evangelical groups mentioned on this clip want to regress back to a barbaric time in human history when the church was all powerful and judged who would live or die,and have aparently  suceeded to some extent

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