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In regards to my schizoaffective disorder, I am feeling optimistic that my treatment aka medication is and will continue to be a life saver. Geodon is the only medication that actually works for my psychosis and I have tried A LOT! It was prescribed to my desperate self IP and the changes happened so drastically it's almost as if I have to figure out who I am. For so long I was living in a delusional state and paranoid. Life is different when you see reality.


Am I problem free? Absolutely not, there are times when I start to get out of reality but my meds pull me back in. My other MI is causing me problems.


I now realize it was a combination of Schizoaffective and OCD that stole at least 3 years of my young life. Because SZA and OCD are a bad mix. Negative intrusive obsessive thoughts combined to a mind that is out of reality is very scary.

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I'm so glad you are feeling more well, Butterfly! That's so positive to hear! 


By the way, have you ever thought of starting a blog? It's easier to update everyone in blog-land, plus it can help you keep track of your symptoms over time. You can also just write whatever you want in your blog. Just a thought. :)


Anyway, I hope this wellness continues for you! 

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