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Are these normal side effects?

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Hey guys so i now don't get to see my PDOC for another 3 months and my regular GP doesn't have a clue so i thought i might ask here.


Are these regular side effects for these medications?

How long do they generally last for?

IS there anything i can do to fix it


Side effects :


Weight gain




Blurred vission (comes and goes)

Swollen ankles

Dry mouth

Urge to eat more


Weakness/Loss of strength


Hope you guys can help in some way

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Sounds like side effects to me, but can your GP order some blood tests at least to rule out any other conditions? I find it strange that both your doctors seem to be scratching their heads about what to do with you. 

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Sounds like common side-effects. The best thing to do is to make sure you let your doctor know at every appointment what side-effects you've been having if any. Some of them may be able to be treated with OTC meds, under the guidance of your pharmacist.


Headaches caused by meds usually respond to OTC stuff like Panadol, Aspro or Nurofen. You might be able to take Immodium for the diarrhea etc. Please don't take any of these suggestions without discussing it with your pharm or pdoc, though. There could be potential interactions with your other meds.


For the dry mouth frequently sipping water, chewing gum or using Biotene dry mouth products might help some. The Biotene you can get at most pharmacies. They have a gel, a spray, a toothpaste and a mouthwash. I found the gel or spray to be most convenient. They taste kinda gross. Tastes like the sweetener (xylitol?) they put in chewing gum.


A lot of med side-effects get better over time, but if that isn't happening or the side-effect is serious, changes to your cocktail may need to be made.

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Yes, they are pretty well-known side effects, and a lot of them such as weight gain, dizziness, blurred vision, tiredness and swollen ankles could be just as easily be due to the Epilim than from the paliperidone. I gained an outrageous amount of weight on Depakote (Epilim), and I had to change meds because of it. I didn't even last a month on it. I never gained weight from paliperidone.

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I have the same problems. A lot of the time the side effects I get from medications outweigh  the benefits. I'm getting a referral soon for a pdoc to discuss the posibilty of being on more than one thing so hopefully I can stay at a dose low enough to feel the benefits without the side effects.

Some side effects we just have to live with though. Nothing is side effect free generally. You have to pick what you're able to live with and what you're not. I think going cold turkey off meds without guidence from a doctor is a bad idea though.

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