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Muscle Stiffness/Rigidity when jogging

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I notice that towards the end of the jog my legs start feeling stiff/rigid and I cannot continue to jog it does not hurt it is a weird sensation in my legs and I was wondering if anyone knows what this is or if you have experienced this yourself


I stopped jogging now due to that problem but I used to be able to run 45-60 minutes everyday and it would start doing it towards the end and I have to stop


and something weird I notice is if I jogged at night it would do it sooner then if I jogged in the morning...

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i take propranolol now but it's more for the akathisia than the parkinsonism or stiffness bits

also if worse as day wears on is it are you taking making at night? because maybe switching your schedule of running or taking would help. if you can be an earlier runner

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