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It seems a lot of people here are on many different medications at high doses. I only take Pristiq for VERY SEVERE depression. I wonder why pdoc only wants me on that when I am very depressed and delusional. I need a better mix. Is anyone on here for depression taking anti-depressant alone?



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The amount of meds or dosage of meds that a person takes doesn't necessarily correspond with how severe their illness is. You can't assume that someone on more meds is more severely ill than someone on fewer meds. It just means their illness is more resistant to treatment, or that they have a lot of side-effects which need treating with other meds. 


For example someone could have severe depression that responds well to the first med tried, so they just take that. Another person with moderate depression might be very resistant to meds and end up needing high doses and combination etc.


I believe many here are quite treatment resistant. Having to struggle with illness that isn't getting better despite trying many different treatments is what drives a lot of people to go online and reach out to others in the same boat.


If your meds, however many you take, are working for you, hold onto that. Don't try to get more just because you think very severe depression should automatically mean a whole bunch of meds. Most people on here would love to take less pills, if they could.

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I have depression that is treatment resistant. Every single med that I take gives me small incremental benefits, hence I take many. The only exception to this is Abilify. I get a huge benefit from Abilify. So I agree that the number of meds is more indicative of treatment resistance than of severity of illness.

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It varies so much from person to person.  I take an antidepressant and no other meds, but I don't have anxiety or ADD or any other MI issues.  If you feel that your AD is not cutting it, you need to express that to your psychiatrist with GREAT emphasis.  You can also question him about why he isn't trying other meds.  Do your research first, so you know what you're talking about when you see him.


Good luck and I hope you find an effective combination.



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I'm now on mood stabilisers as well as anti-depressants, but again that's because my depression is so treatment resistant.


For the first 12 years of treatment (for recurrent severe episodes) I was only ever on one anti-depressant at a time. I'm in England and that's normal practice here, to try one medication at a time and switch if it's not working.


If you've been on pristiq a few months and it's not doing anything/enough it would be worth going back to the pdoc to discuss making a change.

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