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Anxiety over my bones...?

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Please don't tell me I'm alone in this...


Sometimes I notice my bones. REALLY notice them. To the point where they make me immensely anxious and in a bit of a panic. I feel each finger touching the other, I feel the joints connecting my toes to the rest of my feet, I feel my legs and knees touching each other... Ugh. How can I live so blindly with all these bones touching other bones? Sitting here, I feel how little the spaces between my toes are and I'm freaking out. I can't stop squirming and it makes me so agitated. This used to happen a lot during exams when my fingers were pushing into each other as I wrote. I wish I knew why this happens to me and of course, how to make it go away. Arg...cannot. stop. squirming.

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"...how to make it go away..."

This Is, I suspect, a job for a professional,  but atypical self-perceptions  are not rare.


It's probably my Asperger's showing, but my first thought on...

"How can I live so blindly with all these bones touching other bones? "

.. was that if your bones were distinctly separated you wouldn't be living at all.


And it's like it is because of all the variations that evolution has tried out in arriving at the current state of humanity,

this is as good as it's got.  I'll go with you as far as saying "perfect, it isn't".


How would you like your bones to relate to each other?

(Actually, not touching but associated, like EVE's parts in Wall-E, would be impressive.)



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