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Therapy for OCD?

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I am on 300 mg of Zoloft for my OCD. It does not seem to be helping me at all. I don't think that my psychiatrist really believes that I have OCD, because when I first started seeing him, my psychosis and depression were more prominent. However, I was in a residential facility for 10 months and my psychiatrist there didn't even diagnose me with any type of psychosis, he thought that everything came from my OCD, and put me on such a high dose of Zoloft. Anyway, I'm back with my original psychiatrist now and well, I don't know exactly what I'm asking. I want to be on a different medication for OCD, do you have any suggestions I should ask him about? I just feel like he doesn't take my OCD symptoms that seriously so he wouldn't....I don't know what I'm trying to say but hopefully someone understands.

Anyway, back to the point of this post, I know that I should really have therapy for my OCD but It's just so embarrassing for me to talk about my obsessions and compulsions, I just feel like some crazy freak. I also don't like talking about my compulsions because then I always think that whoever I told about them will always notice when I'm doing them, which I don't like. Any suggestions on how to get past this and succeed in therapy?

Thanks so much.

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I haven't tried it, but I know a lot of people here swear by Luvox for OCD. 


As far as therapy goes, I think it's really important to develop a good, trusting relationship with your therapist. I can completely sympathize with your reservations about talking about your obsessions and compulsions. I always feel iike I sound crazy when I talk about them, and on top of that, I have some pretty awful violent and sexual obsessions, so I've always been worried that my doctors would think less of me or think I was really a violent person or something. My current therapist is understanding, though, and it's been really helpful.


My best advice is to find someone who specializes in OCD, especially in exposure and response prevention (ERP), which is a type of cognitive-behavioral therapy for OCD. A good specialist will be ready for almost any kind of obsession or compulsion you could throw at them, will understand that you aren't thinking or doing these things because you want to, and will be well-equipped to help you stop. It can be a real relief to hear "You know, that's actually a pretty common obsession" from a tdoc.


Best of luck!

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I was just reading up on Luvox actually, I think I'll ask about it.

I feel like I know my current therapist too well to work on my OCD with her, so I was thinking about going to someone that specializes in OCD, like you said. I don't know how insurance works or anything, but would it cover 2 different therapists?

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I feel like I know my current therapist too well to work on my OCD with her

I'm curious what you mean by this...


like if you told her all about the obsessions and compulsions that she would judge you negatively?


or something else?

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