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MI couple and navigating two very different types of MI

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So I have BP II, GAD, Depression NOS, PTSD, and insomnia. My bf also has PTSD and insomnia but we can add Panic Disorder, Anxiety, and Depression to his list. Boiled down, we're both basically feeling a little nuts and right now I am trying to gain some perspective about how couples where both partners have MI cope and deal with their own and each others issues without getting overwhelmed.

I tend to try very hard to supress my feelings if he is struggling and I know that is unhealthy for me. For the most part we communicate pretty well and work well together, but if anyone has any further insight on handling things like both of you having a bad day or just how to navigate the crazy together I could use the advice.

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Finding a way to help one another through an episode or (in my case) not being overly clingy and solicitous about how he feels has been a stumbling block for sure. We do try to have frequent conversations about how we are feeling and what we can do to help one another. I know that for him, sharing his problems is very difficult because he is unused to having someone in his life who cares.

We have been slowly working together and learning how to handle things, but I do appreciate the insight. Trust and acceptance I think are two very big things that matter in this case.

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