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Not exactly new, but hi

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Yeah, I joined a while ago and made my introduction, but I feel like my intro made me seem like an asshole, and I didn't feel in my right mind at the time.  So, Imma do it again. 


I'm ExtraSoap, I'm depressed and socially anxious.  I used to be on another forum called SuicideForum back in high school.  I'm 19, male, and I make internet jokes in real life.  I call things like I see them, and occaionally that makes me a bit of a dick.  I'm currently at a mental health facility, learning DBT therapy and trying to get my shit together.  I get lonely very easily, and I often feel that no woman will ever love me.  Angsty? yes.  But it's still a problem with me that stems from having zero self-esteem and less confidence since middle school.  according to my fellow crazy people I'm living with, I'm actually a pretty nice guy.  I've been getting into Buddhism, and I'm mixing that with my interest in advanced physics (conceptually, I'm terrible at math) to shape my spiritual beliefs concerning the universe and life. 


Also, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!




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Hi, Extrasoap and welcome to Crazyboards a second time.


I probably told you before to read the User agreement, but I'll mention it again just in case you skipped it.


Some of our members have had really good results with CBT, so I hope it is a help to you in your daily functioning.  Depression and anxiety together are a double whammy, eh?  I'm glad you are getting treatment.


Welcome again!



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