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I am feeling bad about myself, because I took on the task of watching my sister's dogs for 7 days. Today was day 1. It felt like a nightmare, I waited for them to use the bathroom for 30 minutes, let them be by themselves for 15 minutes. And now fear they are going to mess themselves in the cage overnight because they were so excited to see me its as if they forgot to use the bathroom. Now I feel like a total failure and negative thoughts are on the rise and intrusive thoughts like the dogs are going to escape is causing me distress. Anxiety is bad tonight. Real bad.

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I've had similar anxiety too, but when I was watching a cat.  Nothing compared to some dogs.  And I loved this cat.  The person I was watching the cat for said he'd pay for all the damages if any occurred (ie peeing on the carpet or something), but still I was stressed out.


I also had to leave her alone in my apartment when I went out, and would be stressed every time I went somewhere that something would happen.


It wasn't as much responsibility as taking care of dogs (ie they need to be walked, etc vs cats who just need some attention), but it was still responsibility for another person's pet.


Hang in there!  Enjoy their company while you are watching them!  What kind of dogs are they?

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They are pitbull mix and boarder collie mix (sp?)


The good news is neither went to the bathroom in their cage. Which means they must have gone when I let them out last night. I took them out for about 10 minutes this morning and they both went (I'm pretty sure) so I just go back tonight.


I guess the worst thing that could happen is the dogs go in the cage.

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