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Tonight am really struggling with the voices  i cant sleep because there too loud 

normally i  have the radio on and sleep with it on tonight  voices are coming from the radio there talking and making me think about bad things  


my husband gave me a Valium 2 hours ago to try and calm me down but its done nothing am still awake 


its 4 am here  anyone else awake at this time ?




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i finally managed to sleep ... voices are loud at the moment  but av still to have my morning medication 

i cant get it at the moment because my husband keeps it locked away so i don't OD on it 

as i have done in the past 

Things are stressful here my niece has been staying with us for a few weeks she been using heroin  and methadone  she is trying to get clean  but we found a used needle in her bed she said it was from when she has needles in her suitcase 

my husband , myself or my cats could have got something from it 

she said she will not do it again 

i dont trust her at all we have to wait until after the new year before she moves into a homeless hostel 


we get no money to feed her with and money is tight as it is 

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She got until the 20th i be moved into a homeless hostel if not she will have to find some where else 

we had a fight today and i felt like i needed to self injure because  its so stressful 

no one else will take her in

we did because she is family but there only so much we take

she had another needle but this one had a top to it and was on the bed  we told her to get rid of it 


 Today my mum and she where fighting about money that my nieces other gran  gave to my other niece to take her shopping 

she started shouting and throwing things i cant deal with this any longer 

voices are loud and i cant deal with my niece and them 

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