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Still trying to sort out what happened during a psychotic experience half a year ago

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I spoke and understood languages that I didn't previously know. I remember there was a man that asked me how to get somewhere in Spanish, and somehow (although I don't speak Spanish) I was able to tell him (in Spanish) how to get to where he was trying to get.


When I was in the psyche ward, they locked me in a room and I somehow managed to open the door.


I activated a cell phone that was previously deactivated, and from what I hear from a friend, this person's phone is still activated even after 7 months.


I ate a sandwich that kept "regenerating" every time I put it down.


I had visions/dreams in which I would see these people with vivid blue eyes, then the next day I would see those people.


I always knew when someone was about to come into my room even though I had no indicators that would tell me someone was coming.


I knew when someone in the psyche ward was about to freak out, and I would always walk away just before it happened.


I made water appear in my hands.


I got free food at McDonald's by saying "I thought it was free" when the cashier gave me the total.


I fell out of a tree upside down and managed to land unharmed on my feet.


I also saw some really strange things. As I sat in the waiting room of a hospital, I saw a woman come in looking normal, then she went to the back, and when she came back to the waiting room she was suddenly 9 months pregnant. There was also a man with a purse that I saw that came into the waiting room looking normal, and when he came back he had a cast on his neck and he told me he was in a car accident and broke his neck. There are many more things that happened that couldn't be explained, and I'm still trying to figure out what happened. I understand that it was a psychotic episode, and chemical imbalances, and blah blah blah, but I just don't understand how my mind could have made me see reality in such a way. Can anyone explain any of the things that I experienced?

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it's hard to say and sort what really happens to me ever so as equally hard to say or sort another

i will say that many things you note i have had happen

but i don't really know what that indicates, if anything

i think that as vast and rich as our experience can be there is so much we don't know about our world and ourselves and our minds

and of you're accepting of having been psychotic all i can think to say further is that, yeah, shit can be what most consider rather bizarre when psychotic. i know much of what i see and think and hear and feel and say and do are things others don't understand and perhaps it's just a matter of you seeing in yourself the formerly incomprehensible?

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I've been trying to sort out my questions about life through lucid dreaming. My first step has been to have lucid dreams more often, and my next step is to ask my subconscious questions that will ultimately tell me who I am, and hopefully give me insight into my own existence, and the reason I experienced the things that I've experienced.

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