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do I have antisocial and narcississtic personality disorder

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Well as I listed on my first topic called I think I have antisocial personality disorder and npd traits. I was wondering if I have it or need to see a doctor cause I don't think the doctor will believe on a mentalnut like me. I show no remorse or guilt,parastic lifesyle where I live off of other people, run ins with the law of assaulting my dad and not feeling bad about it,in the past I have show animal cruelty and dont mind at it I don't like animals they are weak. I have extreme self love,lacks empathy. And other symptoms. I really don't care about others feelings.And I am callous of other people. So I listed these thingsand I can't remember every single thing so chill out. Do you think I have this personality disorder? Cause if I do I won't mind at all.

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None of us are qualified to answer that question because we are a peer support site.


You need to speak with a psychiatrist or other qualified mental health care provider to get the answer to your question.


ETA: did you have another question that is appropriate for the boards here?

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Unfortunately we do not have the ability to diagnose you which seems to be what you are looking for. You will have to seek professional help for diagnosis and treatment. Pdocs and tdocs work with the people afflicted with personality disorders so your responses to questions or your feelings regarding others will not shock them. Can you seek mental health treatment?

Would you like to discuss how your symptoms affect your daily life, your relationships, or you internally? Do you need support for issues you are having as a result of these symptoms?

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