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So I have been put on zyprexa a couple of weeks ago to try and see if it works for my OCD


It helps with the obsessive thoughts, but I STILL have anxiety problems related to OCD.


Due to past experiences, one really bad with AD's I am apprehensive about trying Luvox or any other AD.


My family wants me to stay FAR away from AD's.


But what if Luvox would work? Take away mostly all my symptoms.


I am doing okay on the Zyprexa, there has been improvement.


Should I just stay where I am at as far as med combination?

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I would say talk to your pdoc about this and not to your family. Your pdoc will help you. Your family may have good intentions, but they aren't pdocs. I didn't do well with ADs before I got on an AAP or mood stabilizer. But now I can hAndle them. However some BP folks can't handle them. If you and pdoc think it's worth a shot then try it but keep a close eye on things. It can take weeks for it to begin to help you, just a reminder. ADs don't ever work as fast as we need them to it seems, unfortunately.

I'll be thinking of you and keep us posted!

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