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How do YOU get out of bed?

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This is my biggest hurdle. I know it sounds ridiculous, but its getting out of bed that is keeping me from succeeding at anything. Of course, its a symptom of my depression and the fact that I feel no reason to wake up in the morning (or the afternoon, or whatever), but I have to get over it. 


I skip classes because I don't want to get up/can't get up, then I miss work and I sleep myself deeper into failure and depression.


How do you do it? What wakes you up in the morning? What keeps you out of bed? 

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I now have a dog who relies on me to feed her and take her out to go to the bathroom.


By that time I'm usually awake enough that it's not an issue.


But man, before the dog... tough going. Putting the alarm in another room and NO MATTER WHAT, not getting back in bed.

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  • I let my phone ring a music song (very high volume) that I don't like on an hour I must get up.
  • I have a dog that's needs to be care of.
  • Use my grandmothers morning boost if I'm up; Orange juice 
  • Medication reduction
  • Also thanks to therapy I try almost to get out off bed.. Most of times complete it successful. 

    ==> But when your so deep with the mood sometimes nothing helps..

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I don't have too much that's meaningful to say on this topic, because although I find it difficult to get up every morning, I still manage to do it.

But, I had a friend in college who had severe problems getting out of bed in the morning. He'd intentionally sleep through all his classes because he felt bad/unmotivated, and wound up failing out. I met him on his second attempt at college. His folks--who were paying for college--gave him a second chance. And he took that second chance and changed some things. He wound up a happier, successful student, and he graduated.

He told us about it. Here's what he did. He'd set his alarm and put it across the room. When it went off he'd jump out of bed and just stand there until he fully woke up... kind of like reveille in the Army or something. It worked for him.

I'm sure it would be jarring the first week or two, but he got into *that* habit, as opposed to the "I'll sleep a little more" habit.

None of this, of course, addresses the emotional distress that most of us have experienced when a new, potentially crappy day has dawned, but I think--at least in my case--working through the bad feeling until I'm up, showered, dressed, and out the door, is the way I get on with life. I've learned that even the harshest bad emotions can evolve into feeling "okay" later on. I'm not talking about joy or happiness, but just being okay, and better than that depressed hopeless feeling that washes over me.

I've come to see "keep going" as my salvation, of sorts. I have to keep going, or else things really start to suck. It's a mantra; it's tedious work. It's never pleasant, but they're the cards I've been dealt.

If I were in a similar situation, I think I'd look into getting my depression more adequately treated (easier said than done, I know), because the stay-in-bed symptom is a hallmark of lingering depression. I'd also try and create some tricks--like the alarm clock thing--to just get moving.

I think you can beat this. It won't be easy, but you sound amenable to change, and that's certainly half the battle. Good luck to you with this! I'm hopeful for you.

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I have dogs, as well. I wake up and see my little girl's sweet face staring at me, just waiting for me to open my eyes. So, it's pretty automatic for me to take her and my mom's dogs outside as soon as I wake up. It's also a habit I acquired of going outside to smoke cigarettes, even though I quit.

There are those rare days where I just take another Xanax and pass out, neglecting them and myself because I am hypoglycemic and need to eat. I wake up feeling sick, eventually.

Staying out of bed is another issue. I have gone so far as to rip the sheets off so I don't get back in. I also do not like to leave my room, so I moved my old couch in it. It gives me a place to sit instead of lie down. It used to be that I would get back in bed and watch TV all day, and a good day would be when I didn't fall asleep. I also try to get dressed, even though I don't go anywhere. It makes me feel somewhat better. Besides, who wants to sleep in their clothes? ;)

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I have a great dog, but like her mother, she likes to sleep. Whereas most  people's dogs seem to get up somewhere in the 5-8ish time period, Violet will happily snuggle 'til noon. So she is more of a treadmill than an alarm clock.


The putting the alarm on the other side of the room just reminded me that there are alarm clocks that will roll and fly around the room, so you have to chase them, and by then you are really awake. Back in the olden days, one of my friends at college had 4 alarms at further and further distances, that went off a few minutes apart.


Alarms just wake me up, though, they don't get me out of bed.


I think the reason I had trouble getting up was that once I was up, I felt like I had to do the whole day, and didn't have the strength. My husband is really good at saying it's okay if all I do is get up,  so I wake up without that sense of pressure (this is true of migraines, too). I don't get a shit ton done, but when the pressure is gone, I get SOME stuff done. I have no idea what the underlying mechanism of this is, though.

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Besides, who wants to sleep in their clothes? ;)


LOL ... I do ... if I get dressed, whether I go out or not, I just sleep in what I have one.  Less to wash.  I rarely change into pajamas.  The only exception is if I am sweaty.  Then I take a bath and change clothes.

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I hate being late for anything let alone work..so having a job that requires me to be there at 7:30am is what gets me out of bed. But I am a teacher so I have summers off..and summers can be rough on me, I do best with a structured schedule. I've learned that it is best for me to plan things for early in the day so I HAVE to get up.

I often agree to meet a friend at the gym or for a bike ride, also I often volunteer to drive my elderly neighbor to the grocery store or to run other errands.

My compromise with myself is that if after getting up, getting ready and accomplishing whatever planned activity I have going on in the morning I still feel badly I can then go back to bed and take a nap. I find that once I manage to get up and leave the house I almost always feel better and don't end up back in bed. But it is nice to know that I have the option.

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This is my biggest problem too.  The day is won and lost with the morning struggle in my case.  I made a pot of green tea and drank it while I read the news and listen to some music.  It seems to work.. I'm hoping to keep this up and add exercise to my wake up routine.  It might take some time for me to shake off the morning blahs but I feel like it's worthwhile if it keeps me from losing time sleeping my life away..

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