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First off,

I drink A LOT of water. This is the only beverage I consume (besides coffee 1x daily), unless I am going out for dinner then diet coke.


When I left IP in November, I came out 10-16 pounds heavier. At that time, I was on Geodon, lithium, and klonopin. I gained the weight simply because I ate double portions of everything, IP. (the food was really good).


Several weeks later I found out I had OCD, and my pdoc almost as a last option (since benzos and AD's don't work or cause problems), she put me on Zyprexa, in addition to the lithium and Geodon.


I almost have no appetite and am losing the weight I gained. I find this strange since, Zyprexa is like a major medicine that causes massive weight gain.


Oddly enough, 4 years ago I was put on Lamictal and Lexapro, and gained 80 pounds.



Guess everybody is different when it comes to side effects.



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It should be checked regularly, yearly at physicals. A doc can check it with a physical exam, as well, the size and whatnot.

The food was *good* IP? Wow!


Some people don't get all the side effects from meds, you're one of the lucky ones.

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