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SSDI How long after appeal to approval

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I am in the process of appealing my SSDI claim. I first applied in Feb, and appealled in early Nov. I have checked with the Attorney's office and they told me the case has been assigned to someone. When  I called 2 weeks ago it had not yet been assigned. I asked how much longer and they said 6-9 months from filing the appeal.


Has anyone appealed for SSDI? How long did it take. I just have a hard time believing it will take that long. I run out of money in mid Feb, so it will be difficult to last that long.

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I think everyone's case is different.  I was denied twice.  I hired a lawyer after the first denial.  In the end, I had to wait for my case to go in front of hte administrative law judge, and then I was approved.  I think it took about 18 months-2 years from initial application to approval.

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