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Question about Meds

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Hey everyone,


I'm a new user here, and I didn't know exactly how to ask this.


I was diagnosed bipolar about a year ago.  I'm 31 years old, and I've been off and on antidepressants with no success since I was about 17.


They finally said a year ago that I needed mood stabilizers in addition to the antidepressants, so they've given me a few different meds since.


Currently I'm on:


Lamictal 225mg

Wellbutrin 450mg

Pristiq 100mg

Folic Acid

Metoprolol (for blood pressure, unrelated)


I am doing a lot better, with no crying fits or uncontrollable emotions.  I do still have extreme anxiety and it seems like it's becoming worse.


My question is, do you think there's anything I should suggest to the psychiatrist?  They seem pretty open to me suggesting possible medicines since it's kinda trial and error.  I'm mainly looking for mood stabilization.


I tried seroquel, clorazepate, and trazodone to no success.


Thanks guys.

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I'm still having mood swings, irritability, and bouts of depression and hopelessness. Sometimes anxiety feels like it's Going to tear me apart.

Before, I'd have crying fits and lay in bed for days at a time. I've beaten that, but I still have the mood swings and anxiety to deal with.

Would a lamictal/lithium combo be okay or do people take them separately?


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