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Ok, so I'm not a mod.  


I'm still a user though.


Chat is NOT meant for suicide intervention.

There are many resources all over the boards where one can turn when one is feeling this way. Please please PLEASE utilize these resources, your care providers, go to the ER.


As someone who has many times supported actively suicidal individuals [some who have at the time already taken steps to actively harm themselves] in a volunteer situation [this very environment, in fact, with out professional training,]. I have to say it is very difficult to know precisely what to do and whether you are doing right by the person in distress particularly given that it wasn't in fact in my "job" description, 


it is a lose-lose situation because if you, as the person trying to help, attempt to refer the person in distress somewhere else it is seen as abandonment or neglect of some sort. If you attempt to help them yourself, it can be more harmful than getting a professional involved.


These are some of the kind of situations that directly contributed to my burnout.


I understand that there can be situations and times where a person may feel that there is no where else to go: it is appropriate to seek assistance in locating a source of help.


But to seek aid in terms of suicidal treatment or support for the symptoms or crisis itself is to truly stress the resources of this site and the members and staff that are a part of it, and to put your own safety at risk.


it is in everyone's best interest-including those who find themselves in acute and extreme distress- that none of us treat the chat as a life line, but as support only.

Primary resources should be professional sources. Period.


...stepping off of soapbox now.



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