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Hi guys, this post is for my mom.


We're confused right now, my mom is visiting to help me while I get on new meds, well, ironically her meds are running out and we can't get ahold of anyone because of the holidays and I thought yall would know.


One of her meds for anxiety is controlled and her doc is in CA and we are in TX and she only has a week left of it. Her doc's office is closed right now, and my doc's office is closed. Only acute care is open and they said they can only refill for a few days because of liabilities. 


What do we do? She could go through wicked withdrawals if she can't get a full refill.


Sorry if this has been asked before, if it has, can you just point me to it? 


Happy New Year, btw. :)

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If the prescriptions were filled at a national chain pharmacy and there are refills left, they should just be able to transfer the prescription.


If not, going for a few days from acute care to tide her over might be a good idea until her doc gets back in the office and can call/fax a prescription in to some place in Texas.

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CVS transferred a prescription from another state for me.  I gave them the pill bottle that needed refilled and they took care of it.  I don't remember if it was controlled, but if you have refills and it can be transferred, I would think all you would need to do is present an ID.  But it might be different at different pharmacies/chains.

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Thanks everyone, my mom is having her husband send the scrip because she's too overwhelmed with the process of getting it filled here. If there's any other developments I will update so anyone else with the same problem can get info. It appears though that without the doc in her home state contacting docs here, nobody else will do much for the controlled scrip but give her a few days worth.

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