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Bipolar, PTSD, and flashbacks

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Lately I have been in an extremely mixed episode and have noticed my flashbacks (both in dreams and waking hours) have been more severe than in the past few months of regular manic and depressive episodes.

Anybody else have flashbacks that become more severe in and type of episode?

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I have been having the WORST dreams lately. Even when they aren't PTSD related they are just plain out weird as hell. Coincidentally I am still pretty early in my current med configuration and I am jittery and feel like I'm having a mixed episode almost constantly. Knowing I'm not the only one makes me wonder how it could all be connected. Time to add it to my list of stuff to pay attention to.

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People can say certain things, certain smells will effect me, and I typically have flashbacks when I'm down.  When I am manic, I can't hear the voice inside my head.  In mania, I'm too busy in the moment to think about it.  

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