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So tell me if this would be part of schizophrenia.

Just an example:

Girl in front of me. My face goes red. I imagine her saying "So you like me?"

And then she says EXACTLY that word for word.

More of the lines I'm thinking of something and someone says what I'm thinking word for word?

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Sometimes I can predict something before it happens or if I think about something long/hard enough it will actually happen. Idk it's weird.


Like last night, I kept thinking there was going to be a fire. I come home and several houses down the block caught fire. Then it made me think that I somehow caused it by thinking about it.


It makes me afraid to think. Especially when I get bad thoughts into my head.


And I also sometimes can predict what someone will say.

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I will get these thoughts, and then within 5 minutes, that thing happens. For example, at my last job I was a support professional and one of the women has diabetes, and does not take care of herself/it, so, frequent low blood sugar incidents. She left for the store 2 blocks away, using her alone time, and it was taking awhile to come back. I thought, I hope she isn't having a low blood sugar incident at the store...5 minutes later, she comes through the door and boom, low blood sugar.


I've had other instances too...I don't know if it's just hyper awareness or what. I have had a voice tell me something I would have otherwise missed, but yea..I don't know. it's so weird.

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A few months ago I was asked by my old Pdoc if say what I'm thinking sometimes. Or if I think something will happen and then it happens. I told her "no", even though it does happen all the time; and actually started happening more since she asked me. I lied to her because her question was a little too specific and I was paranoid.

But yea, happens to me all the time. I'll think rent will go up and a few days later I get the notice in the mail. I think a question and my wife answers it without me having to ask it. Stuff like that.

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The first time I went to the psyche ward I was having these dreams where I would see people that had vivid blue eyes. These eyes just stood out from the rest of the eyes in my dreams because they looked almost like lights. The next day I would end up seeing the same person I saw in my dream even though I'd never seen them before.


I also had the sensation of something pulling my forehead and steering me. It would pull me out of the way of danger and also take me where I needed to go. I haven't had that sensation ever since.

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