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Do they track calls?

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Angeni, I really think that number (1-800-DONT-CUT) isn't a hotline. I think it's a phone number for a specific residential treatment program called SAFE Alternatives.


You can always call and ask them if they track calls though.



ETA: DERP... sorry.. I didn't realize it was a different number.


I am looking for information on the Self Injury Foundation's national crisis line. When I go to their website, I don't seen any info on them running a national hotline. That doesn't mean they don't. I would think they would promote it heavily on their site.


Have you heard of warm lines? http://www.warmline.org/

They are not crisis lines or suicide hotlines. They are places that you can call to get support even if you are not having a suicidal crisis.


I'm sorry you are having a hard time right now. I hope that you do what you need to do to stay safe, even if that means calling someone who might know your location.


Remember there's a big list of distractions pinned at the top of the board too. Sometimes that can help.

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Has worked for me, my local crisis center has a chat that goes through this site but I was able to go on through the above link when the local crisis center's website chat link didn't work/load. You can be anonymous. I've only done it once and they were really nice and supportive.

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