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Delayed Benzo Withdrawal Question

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In a hypothetical situation, if a person was using 1 mg of clonazepam daily for six months and they stopped cold turkey.

If one week (7 days) goes by and they feel no withdrawal symptoms are they in the clear and can bin their benzos.

Or would they need to wait two weeks (14 days)?

Or three weeks (21 days)?

Or even as long as as two months?

At what point would this person know they are free from clonazepam withdrawal?

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I'm not a pharmacologist, but from what I understand, benzo withdrawal is pretty acute with regard to the things that put you at risk of having seizures... like hours to days.


You might notice rebound anxiety later down the line, but that's not the same as benzo withdrawal.

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I'm interested in this, too, being on yet again involuntary full stop for my Klonopin because my fucking pdoc's office hasn't figured out how to call in a fucking prescription properly. First requested the refill 2 WHOLE WEEKS AGO then again a week later and then again yesterday morning (ran out on Monday night) and called every number I had and left messages and not one fucking call back and NO PRESCRIPTION at the pharmacy. I can't seem to connect with a live fucking person at the facility that manages my meds, I've left messages directly with my pdoc, her pnurse, and the prescription refill department ("efficient and responsive", MY BIG FAT FUCKING ASS). (Yes, I know today is a holiday but this was yesterday when they stated they were open)


Obviously my anxiety and irritability levels are skyrocketing but so far no withdrawal symptoms that I have observed, unless a gallbladder attack counts (I'm assuming it was unrelated but who knows).

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It usually kicks in pretty soon when you stop taking it/reduce your dose. If you feel safer that way, you could hang on to the meds for a while (a month, maybe?) just to make sure you aren't going to get any kind of delayed withdrawal, if such a thing exists.

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