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Why is the NOS label given?

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Mood disorders include things like depression and bipolar disorder.


Personality disorders include things like narcissistic PD, borderline PD, obsessive compulsive PD (not the same as OCD), schizoid PD, etc.


Until the DSM V, they were categorized on different 'levels' in a 5 axis diagnosis scheme.


NOS means there either is not yet enough information to clearly identify which type/subtype of the disorder exists and that your symptoms clearly fall into that category, or that you met most of the criteria for a disorder and it clearly causes significant disruption in your functioning, but you don't meet full criteria for one particular disorder.

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The new version replaces the NOS categories with two options: other specified disorder and unspecified disorder to increase the utility to the clinician. The first allows the clinician to specify the reason that the criteria for a specific disorder are not met; the second allows the clinician the option to forgo specification.



There's also NED (not elsewhere defined). I'm not sure if that's specific to mood disorders or general for all categories.


I guess I need to do some more reading! :o

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