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Recently Diagnosed Bipolar II

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Hi Everyone!


I'm so happy that I finally found a board that seems a bit more relaxed than the other ones out there. Especially since it has a blog!


So anyway I'm 32yo female and I was 100% convinced that I had ADD through a lot of online research, talking to my friend who has ADD and reading the book "You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Crazy or Stupid?" Everything I read fit me to a T. When I finally was able to get an appointment with a pdoc he sat and listened to all my concerns about why I thought I had ADD and then asked me a long series of detailed questions. In the end he said I fit the bill more for being bipolar type II with rapid cycling. After I went home and did more research on bipolar disorder and found, at least to me, that it does sound similar to ADD and often it can be misdiagnosed as one or the other or you can actually have both. 


The day I saw him he started me on 25mg of Lamictal and of course instead of just taking it I went home and Googled all the side effects because I have extreme medication anxiety. So I read about the rash and convinced myself I wasn't going to take it. Well long story short I am now at 150mg and I have no side effects and I do feel much more stable. I still have a horrible time with racing thoughts, concentration and just being able to focus in general to the point it's effecting my job. He then prescribed me Latuda and told me that it would help with all that. Of course I did the same thing again and haven't taken it because of all the horror stories I'm reading especially about akathisia. So I haven't taken it yet. Also from what I read about people being on it it seems to help their depression and nothing is really mentioned about concentration or racing thoughts. 


So hopefully one day I'll grow a pair and take the meds I'm suppose to. In the meantime I look forward to meeting you all!

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I think its prudent of you to do your research- to a point!

If you trust your doctor (you should) and the risk of awful side effects are minimal at least give it a trial period.

I'm related to a BP II - the meds seems to smooth out the wrinkles for her, mentally.


Good to meet you!


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I'm BPII, and I take Lamictal for stability, Trazadone for sleep, and Geodon to keep me from going hypomanic.  I had to adjust the dose of Geodon a few times to get at the optimal balance between effectiveness and side effects.  The combo has worked for 3 years.  I know nothing about Latuda.



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Welcome to Crazyboards!


You've probably already done it, but could you read the User Agreement?  It saves potential misunderstandings later.


I have BPII as well.  Its a lot to have thrown at you all at once.  But it sounds like you do your research.


We also have a blog section and a chat room.


Looking forward to seeing you on the Boards!

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I find Lamotrigine/Lamictal really helpful.


I would give the Latuda a try...you may not get the side effect, though I totally understand worrying about it - I had akathisia on Abilify and it blows, though for me it was totally dose dependent and really only was an issue around 25-30mg of Abilify.  The same may be true for Latuda, it may not happen on the dose you're on.


And if it does happen, not to make you a walking pharmacy, but akathisia responds well to medications like Cogentin, and I think benzos as well.  So you wouldn't necessarily have to deal with it.

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