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i'm psychotic right now which doesn't help


but i'm feeling very jumpy like something bad is right around the corner.

my roommate opened my bedroom door to bring my laptop back and a jumped a foot in the air, this is the 2nd time she startled me today when it shouldn't have really startled me.


she's like i'm not that scary


I just feel a tad frazzled and out of sorts

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When I feel that way i find it helps to eat a meal that will steady my blood glucose.  I mean like sit down and eat a hot baked potato, a piece of meat and a vegetable.  Perhaps add a cup of milk.  Then drink some calming decaf tea.  My other trick is to lay low.  Try to temporarily shut out any excess stimuli by getting cozy in bed with your favorite stuffed animal and close your eyes even if you're not tired. These things might help you until you are able to talk to your doctor or do something med-wise.  

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