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Does Mindfulness Help?

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Does mindfulness help? Has anyone here figured out how to do this mindfulness stuff... and has it made it easier to talk to people?


I've been needled in multiple directions from multiple professionals today about my interpersonal effectiveness skills (or lack thereof). Everyone was challenging my irrational social phobic beliefs. While I work on trying to not take that personally... has anyone experienced feeling almost raw from being challenged? 


My pdoc wants me to read more on mindfulness. She says if I were able to be mindful and in the present I wouldn't get so anxious in social situations. I think that mindfulness is a load of bull. My experience with it, however, is super limited and poorly taught. 


Has anyone been able to use mindfulness to reduce their anxiety? Does it truly make it easier to talk to people? I feel so skeptical. Some of my professionals insist it helps, but they never experienced this stuff, you know? They understand the social anxiety crap, but not from experience.


I don't know. I am probably being stubborn and resistant/willful. I'd love to know, though, if anyone on this board has found help from this stuff.


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Mindfulness helps, but I find it very very very hard to do it.  I dissociate a LOT.  I'm almost always somewhere else when I'm talking to people IRL.  Sometimes I feel like I'm just watching myself talk to people.  So...  when I can actually stay present and be in the moment?  it helps.  But it isn't a magic bullet that will take the anxiety away, and it requires a lot of practice (for me, at least).

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