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Hyperacusis is it's own disorder, but my doctor says it's a symptom of my illness. I'm unsure of where to post this. Anyway.


It's where even "quiet" sounds seem loud and sometimes even painful. Certainly uncomfortable. Even the sound of typing can be painful. It's almost like the world's volume got turned up too high!


Does anyone else deal with this?

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Sometimes.  Kind of when I want to yell for everyone/everything to shut up, regardless of how loud it is.  I think I do it out of frustration or something.  It's like I am "hearing" the clamoring of all these voices at once that just won't "be quiet."  And any other sound that adds to it just makes things worse.

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Hyperacusis can exist without any other apparent causes, but it also frequently exists in the context of other psychiatric or neurological issues.


I think about it like when I get a bad flu and "even my hair hurts". When my body is trying to manage a lot, even very small amounts of stimuli can push it over the threshold into that stimuli being painful.

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