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Glad to have found this forum.

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Hello. Just hoping to meet others I may be able to relate to and share with. I've been in treatment now for about three years, psychotherapy along with taking imiprimine for depression. I'm managing okay for now, but still struggle with feeling incredibly isolated, as if I won't have anywhere to belong. I hope to establish a place here eventually and connect with others.

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Welcome to Crazyboards!  I hope we can help you to feel a little less alone.


I ask all new members to read the User Agreement, which you might have read when you signed up.  It gives you an idea of how we operate.


We don't tiptoe around issues, and some of our members are pretty blunt, but you won't find a group of people anywhere who are more supportive than this bunch.  We all prop each other up during the bad times.  I hope you'll get to know some of the people here.



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