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So when I was released from IP all of my psychotic symptoms disappeared. I am blessed to say, they still are. I am sure you have seen my posts about how zyprexa is helping my ocd, in reality, its not. My parents are at their wits end on listening to my obsessions all day every day, and I am exhausted too.


The reason I posted in the BP section is the only option left for treating my OCD are AD's. I have SZA- Bipolar I type. I am concerned about causing a mania or depressive episode.



But I am doing so terrible with my OCD. I only just noticed since others are telling me how bad it is.




My obsessions are frequent. Once I finally (cheers) get rid of one or solve one, another freakin obsession appears.




So anywhere you read that zyprexa works great or my ocd is cured kind of posts from me, they are false because I now realize how bad I am doing.


I see my Pdoc Monday. Hopefully she will prescribe Luvox.

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I'm sorry your OCD is such a problem.  I hate that feeling that arrives when you think you've solved THE problem that is bothering your brain and and another just pops up to take its place.


Zyprexa has done a lot to tame my OCD.  But I'm also taking a few other meds that help too.  Like klonopin, gabapentin and lithium.  Have you ever gone the benzo route with your OCD?

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The zyprexa was supposed to be for the OCD but its not helping so my pdoc most likely will take me off of it. That leaves me with Lithium and Geodon. I am hoping there is little risk with just those 2. I want her to give me real treatment for my OCD with an AD.


I want freedom.


Freedom, that is all.

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I'm sorry you are having so many OCD symptoms. I think it is a good idea to keep some zyprexa on hand (with your pdoc's approval) in case of emergencies, like manic symptoms. I hope you are able to tolerate the luvox if your pdoc prescribes it to you. I can take 4-6 weeks to work. Which is another reason why some zyprexa on hand may be helpful.


l have been having OCD issues lately too. I over plan and think about one thing so much obsessively that I totally exhaust myself completely and panic. It's not fun. I hope you feel better soon.

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