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Breakthrough, really short rapid cycles? Not normally a rapid cycler?

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Maybe this will end up fitting better in a meds section, IDK, but since finding my current cocktail, which I generally really like, I've noticed that I'm still getting kind of breakthrough hypomanias, mostly, which will then be followed by mini depressions.  We are talking a day or half a day here.  Nothing horrible but nothing fun or desirable, either.  Can anyone relate?

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Meds for bipolars are more there to lessen the extreme of mania and depression. It's not always seen as a way to fully stop it... so you might still be on a mini rollercoaster, but doctors will see that as a great improvement than to have the full roller coaster experience.


If i was you i would bring it up to your doctor; he/she might increase one/two of your meds.

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