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New girl dropping by! :)

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Hey, I've been a lurker for a while, but I finally took the plunge and made an account. I'm so glad to have found this board, it looks like it will be a really supportive place. I was reading some of the old forum posts and was practically crying because I could relate to some of them so much. Anyway… so about me. In the last two months I've essentially destroyed my life. I went on unsustainable spending sprees. I have friends and family that won't talked to me anymore. I've missed nearly half of my junior year of high school. After visiting several doctors and psychiatrists, it was determined that I have bipolar disorder, and I had gone into mania. I was in the hospital for a while, and now I'm on medication that has been enormously helpful in controlling my mood. I still experience horrible delusions (yesterday I tore my room apart looking for videocameras to uncover the "plot" of everyone to embarrass me, and I still see and hear things that aren't there.) However, with my diagnosis, I feel relieved to have found some answers. I guess that's it. Can't wait to join the community!  

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Hi! Welcome. I'm glad you decided to transform from lurker to member. Wow, I'm really sorry about everything you've been going through. I'm very proud of you for pushing through it though; you must be insanely strong! I hope being on here can help you and give you a sense of community as it has for me. You're never alone.

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Hello and welcome!


I went through a lot of what you've been through in my teenage years.  It's good that you are able to get the treatment and support that you need.  And that you took the plunge and joined.  You're among supportive,kind and understanding people.


Again welcome and nice to meet you!!! :)

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