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What is less sedating than Seroquel but still good for sleep?

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I take 25 mg (I am extremely med sensitive and a slow metabolizer) of generic Seroquel nightly.  I tend to have sleep issues, particularly when manic/hypomanic (duh) and have really liked what Seroquel does for my overall mood.  What I don't like is passing out on the couch at night before I get a chance to brush my teeth, and the hangover feeling I have for the first hour I'm awake.


Is there a decent alternative that works better and has a similar result?

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I don't know if this will help, but when I had sleep issues, I took Lunesta for it.  It knocked me out within minutes, and it didn't give me any side effects.  I'm told that it can cause a metallic taste, but my psychiatrist advised me to take it with orange juice and you will be fine.

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