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I think I had schizophrenia symptoms at 4/5 but got diagnosed 20 years later. Is that even possible?

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When I was around four I saw shadows of females on the wall on two occasions. Then when I was around 17 or 19 I really was convinced I saw a hallucination of a man in war uniform at the MOD office where I was working. Obviously it could have been real since it was an old war office but I was convinced it was a hallucination because when I looked behind me the man was not there. When I told this to my pdoc when I got diagnosed at 25 with schiz, she said it could have been the wrong mix of cough medicine and brushed it off.

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It's possible, although childhood schizophrenia is quite rare. 


There is evidence to suggest that people who are diagnosed with schizophrenia older in life had some disturbances in childhood, similar to those with autism. They would also exhibit some psychosis in addition to having some behaviour issues. Maybe you had some of these. This is one report about it: http://www.psychiatrictimes.com/autism/autism-and-schizophrenia

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