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Another bp member

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Hi all have been floating around here for a couple of weeks and thought I should introduce myself. I was diagnosed strong bp2 possible bp1 and have been on 15mg saphris for the past week but started out on 5mg.


Being diagnosed was an initial shock but since being on meds I have realised maybe I should have bee on them yrs ago.Previously I was diagnosed with depression and was told to exercise,stop drinking and make healthier life choices and things wouuld be better  but that made things one hell of a lot worse, I was self medicating through alcohol just to escape being  me and  and to fell level headed. Being on the medication has made a huge difference and the more I learn through this board the less embarrassed I feel about my condition. Still a looooong way to go but at least there's a little light at the end of the tunnel 

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Welcome to Crazyboards!  I'm glad you are feeling hopeful and I hope your medication continues to improve your quality of life.


I ask all new members to read the User Agreement.  You probably read it when you signed up.


See you around the boards!



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