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Looking forward (Bipolar, meds, exercise, CBT)

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I have reached a point with my Psychiatrist that we have leveled out meds over a period of 8 months and have really worked to identify the root cause of my anxiety.


I was diagnosed as Bipolar 1 a few years ago after I became highly preoccupied with dating a girl, it didn't get off the ground but my anxiety, mood swings and energy levels were enough to put the label on me.


I'm now in a relationship  that at times triggers some very key anxieties related to anxious/preoccupied vs avoidant attachment related stuff. I worry after each date that we don't have forward plans, that its too good to last or that she will lose interest at a moments notice. I become preoccupied with these thoughts and I neglect my training (Jujitsu and kick boxing) and my own friends.


My Psychiatrist has made a referral to a psychologist to truly address these anxieties and anxiety later in life with CBT


Crazy Boards - I'm comfortable with my bipolarity, I hate the anxiety I get in relationships and I don't want it to interfere in what really is a fantastic situation I have at the moment and I also want to be my own person, to know that when this girl looks at me she sees somebody with his own social circle and goals he's working towards and that time spent with me isn't taken with a grain of salt. 


If anybody has input, experience with CBT, with relationship anxiety, managing bipolar and exercise - please don't hesitate

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I'm glad you're getting closed to stability.

CBT is pretty useful, it helps a lot in sorting out thoughts. Like PR said, keep in contact with your treatment team. And Titania has some good advice (as usual :) )

I recommend finding a good mood tracker, I use http://www.patientslikeme.com to track my moods and treatments, and keeping track of everything. It's really helpful. Insight in your condition is a good thing. 

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I think that the therapy will help you out. I am just getting back to therapy myself hopefully soon. I also have done CBT and DBT. I go to a CBT for day treatment weekly along with an exercise group weekly as well. I also meet with my case worker weekly. I see my pdoc about every 4-6 weeks. I can't see him more often because I go to a county clinic and he is always booked and busy. I think I will be doing therapy weekly too once it starts up again.


I also go to the gym on my own. I usually try to go to the gym 5 times a week. Sometimes it's 4, but 5 is always my goal.

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