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Hi I have some questions about Seroquel I'm hoping I can get some help with.


I take 3, 25mg =75mg total Seroquel pills at night 1 hour before bed to help me sleep since I can never fall asleep naturally.

My pharmacy has changed the generic brand of Seroquel to a different one and I have noticed some changes like:


  • having headaches
  • even worse constipation than before
  • some nights it makes me sleep, other nights not (I'm thinking it has to do with the amount of food I had that evening)


I'm wondering when and how to take Seroquel to make you sleep the best.


  • Should I take it on an empty stomach or with a little food in my stomach for it to be absorbed the best and work most effectively?
  • How many minutes does it take to kick in and when should you ideally go to bed after taking it?



also Do you have any preference in terms of which generic Seroquel brand you like best?  or do you find them to affect you all the same?


lastly, constipation is awful.  I'm wondering if all the brands cause the same severity and just wondering out of curiosity if higher dosages of Seroquel result in less constipation or is it all the same at every dose?



Thanks for any help you suggest 

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i'm not sure about the different brand names having different side effects because i think i've only taken seroquel (the brand name). but i take seroquel around 8:30-9:30 if i can remember to take it on time and i get drowsy enough to sleep around 12-1 am. i'm not sure if that's typical or not but i have a very hard time falling asleep so that might factor into it (seroquel is usually pretty effective for me though). i imagine that taking it with nothing in your stomach would accelerate/increase the drowsiness (but i've never personally experimented with that). seroquel has never made me constipated.


can you talk to your pharmacy about switching you back? if its not working well for you then you shouldn't have to take that specific brand. have you tried using natural laxatives (like fruits and vegs that have a laxative effect or a natural laxative like senokot)?


taking it at the same time every night always makes a huge difference for me. if i take it a couple hours too late it screws me up so i set an alarm now. 


you could also monitor things like your caffeine intake etc. to see if that might be factoring in.

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I just noticed you take the Seroquel XR but mine is just the instant release one..


you are lucky not to have the constipation side effect.  i eat pretty healthy and ive tried metamucil and prunes, my doctor even prescribed a stool softener but they dont even work.  i read online about drinking warm water with sea salt in the morning before eating, so ive tried that recently and it really works, but i dont know if that is safe to do everyday with all the added sodium im ingesting.


Im thinking i should go over to the pharmacy and talk to the pharmacist about ordering a different seroquel brand.  When i picked them up from her last time and noticed they looked different from the old Seroquels she told me to let her know if i have any problems with them.


 but I'm gonna wait a bit and see if anyone else responds to this first so I can suggest a brand for her to order or I can try taking the Seroquel differently and have it work every night, not just random nights.



Thanks radicalfeminist for your answer :)

If anyone else has any experience with Seroquel id be interested to know

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the seroquel didnt work last night but the night before it did.  it sucks not knowing if you are going to sleep or not.


do people build a tolerance to seroquel and it stops working for them as well?  i started with 25mg that stopped working, then i went to 50mg now im at 75mg (within a two year time period)


if you are on a low dose like me, what time do you take it before going to sleep?  and when was your last meal of the day?

even on an empty stomach it doesnt work for me, so im still wondering if you need some food for it to be absorbed better.



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I take regular Seroquel, but they just changed the company that supplies them with Seroquel's generic. I have taken it for 3 days so far and havent had any changes.



Hopefully with time it will get better. If not, maybe they can special order your past manufacturer.

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I've never experienced constipation from it and always take your medication with food.......Um, to me the only med that I have trouble with is klonopin (clonazepam) generics.....to me all the seroquel's are the same even tho I've never had name brand.....

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