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Am finding things hard at the moment i dont know what is reality anymore

i went out with my husband today to go clothes shopping first time av been out the housee and gone anywhere in days


everything looks so strange  i am seeing two worlds  i nornal one and a world where there are drangons and demons

i see people as monsters and i have seen bad things around me

i have taken 2 extra anti psychotics today to see if it helps  so far they havent  but i just took one 20 minutes a go

had to get a taxi home because i felt unsafe going home on the bus

my husband thinks its because of stress we have my niece staying here  until she is housed somewhere else she is on drugs like heroiin  and is injecting it

but she not allowed to use it in our house ...my husband has explaned it to my niece that i am ill

everything is weird   the two realities are bleeding into each other and i starting getting confused what is real and what is not

its nearly 8 pm am going to wait an hour  then try and sleep


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That must be very difficult.  I think the fact that you are questioning if the other reality is real is a good sign.  Do you have a doc that prescribed the antipsychotic who can advise you on what to do? Stress makes my smptoms worse, too.

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